Early in 2012, a Drug and Alcohol awareness programme was developed by the Prevention & Education worker at Wicklow Travellers Group. This programme was aimed at a group of boy’s who were regularly attending the Thursday night boys drop in. the boys were all aged between 13 – 17 years old. All the parents of the young people were met by the P&E worker and given an outline of the course and content, before permission for their sons to attend the programme was sought.

The programme started off by looking at, the existing knowledge of the young people, in relation to both illegal and legal drugs. Reasons, why people might take drugs and the dangers were also explored. Building the resilience and confidence of the young person, with regard to refusal skills, binge drinking and tobacco were part of the workshops and discussions.

There was a visit by a Paramedic, to reinforce the dangers of drinking at too young an age and also getting home safely. There has also been several visits by the local community Gardai, which is helping to build a relationship between the young people and the gardai.

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