Fishing Futures       

Fishing futures was established in November 2006 by a group of anglers and representatives from local community and statutory bodies, and has been affiliated with the I.F.S.A from the beginning. Fishing Futures has become more than a fishing project. It has brought together various local community groups for the purpose of teaching the skills of angling.  The “CEART” centre has become the focal point for meetings, trace making, planning events, and integrating socially excluded members of our society.

 The Fishing Futures project is an angling initiative seen as providing Angling as a social and leisure activity providing it’s members with an alternative healthy lifestyle choice which will enhance and enrich their future lives.  The project itself is not a standalone project, but relies on other project groups to participate, expanding leisure and social experience of the members of other projects feeding into Fishing Futures.  Therefore Fishing Futures is markedly different having members across a wide diversity of groups and ages.  By becoming involved in an angling club, learning new angling skills and techniques, participating in outside angling events, meeting and mixing with new people and other groups  members are provided with  a sense of belonging, purpose and feeling of well being.  Angling will also provide a feeling of confidence which will allow the person join mainstream angling clubs thereby providing the angler with a life-time leisure activity which can be participated in, either within a club, social group or even alone.  It offers an alternative lifestyle choice to “at risk” young people, marginalised or socially excluded groups and provides an opportunity to interact, make friends and meet a wide variety of people.  The project offers the chance to participate in angling by;

  • Teaching angling skills and techniques (awareness of sea and variety of fish and habitats,  trace-making,  collection of various baits for fishing venues, casting reeling and catching fish cooking of fish)
  • Providing the time and space to fish, organising fishing events at a variety of locations
  • Providing all necessary equipment to fish ( rods reels line weather proof clothing lamps buddies)
  • Providing onsite coaching and supervision during angling events
  • Providing annual fishing trip away (shore and boat angling trip)
  • Demonstrations of cooking of fish.

 All members of Fishing Futures are registered with International Sea anglers Federation of Ireland and are registered members of “Cill Mhantain Sea Angling Club”  This allows them to fish with other clubs in the future and participate in national angling events

Wicklow Travellers Group       

The Wicklow Travellers Group have participated in the Fishing Futures Project over the past number of years.  The participants have become experienced and confident fishermen.  Regular fishing events take place and are arranged in house. In 2012 the group targeted the young Travellers organising casting events, trace making, and fishing to encourage their younger members to participate in the sport. Lunches and Prizes were organised as part of the overall social activity.    The Fishing Future Project provides all the angling equipment and gear necessary to allow such large groups participate in an angling event, which  may  otherwise not have been possible.  The adult anglers themselves have become invaluable members of the Fishing Futures project giving their own time and experience and expertise in helping other groups.   This group participated in the overnight annual fishing trip. Transport was provided by the Wicklow Travellers Group. This year the annual trip was held in Westport and Killary Harbour in September. There was both a beach and boat fishing  competition.   Many thanks to Skipper Patrick Gavin and Kong hostel, who hosted the boat trip and with whom the group have always received a warm welcome in the West.  Plenty of fish were caught and a good trip was had by all.

Local Groups

Many local groups have utilised the angling programme over the past few years.  These include Arklow & Wicklow Youth Reach, Wicklow Way Project, Springboard Arklow. Wicklow Child and Family project, Wicklow Traveller group, Festina Lente, East Wicklow Youth Services, Tiglin T.C.I. ( Teen Challenge Ireland) Ashford, Co Wicklow, and Failte Isteach, Wicklow.  Over the last number of years anglers from the local Wicklow Traveller Group have developed their angling skills to such a level that they are now an integral part of the “coaching Team”. In the past three years over 250 young people and adults have been introduced to fishing. The fishing project applies for its own funding through local council Community grants and East Coast Regional Drugs Task Force small grant funding.

Drug/ Alcohol Awareness

The Fishing project recieves funding from The East Coast Regional Drugs Task Force, through its small grant scheme. Fishing Futures held a drug awareness day in C.E.A.R.T on Saturday the 15th of June 2013.

Fishing Futures, a locally run fishing project, recently held a day of Drug Awareness training for its angling coaches. The event took place in C.E.A.R.T, on Saturday 15th June and was attended by 12 coaches, including a representative from the Irish Federation of Sea Anglers (I.F.S.A).  The reason for the training was to increase the coaches’ knowledge and understanding of Drug/Alcohol use and misuse. The first session was facilitated by Derek McDonnell from Big Picture consultancy and looked at “Young People and Cannabis use. The second session was facilitated by Paramedic, Neil Traynor, and focused on binge drinking and harm reduction techniques. 

The coaches from Fishing Futures visited Tiglin Treatment and Rehabillitation Centre on Friday the 21st of February 2014. The students of the centre provided a tour of the facility and a talk about how the programme works.

Annual Reports

Fishing Futures Drugs Awareness Day 2013

Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2011

Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status (CHY. No. 11870). Registered in Ireland Number 248913
Charities Regulatory Authority number (CRA) 20033576

Directors: Isobel O’Duffy (Chairperson), Brendan Hyland (Assistant Chairperson), Máirín Kenny (Company Secretary), Aileen Cussen (Treasurer), Kathleen Snell (Assistant Treasurer), Kathleen Berry, Ian Daly, Mary O’Brien