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HSE Service area: Mid-Leinster.



Project overview:

The Primary Health Care Projects are supported by the Department of Health through the HSE locally through out Ireland.  There are ten PHC Projects in the Mid Leinster Region which are supported by the Traveller Health Unit in each region.  There is an east regional Traveller Network of the PHC Project (ERTHN) which meets monthly and similarly a national network of the PHC Projects NTHN that meet regularly in Pavee Point.  The HSE National Traveller Health Advisory Forum (NTHAF) was established in 2006 in response to the introduction of the HSE, operating as the governance body for Traveller health and the main link to NTHAC in the Department of Health and to the Traveller Health Units (THUs). Representation includes HSE staff and Travellers. It reports to the HSE National Social Inclusion Governance Group. It is intended to act as a link between national, regional and local levels.


The Primary Health Care Project is based in Wicklow Town. All core activities and administration is carried out at the CEART Centre. The project also uses a room in the Bray Travellers Community Development Group Offices in Bray for weekly Outreach meetings and other activities for the Community Health Workers and Co-ordinator. 

Project Population:

Number of Traveller families: 250 families in Co Wicklow

In accordance with the social determinates model of Health all 250 families in Co Wicklow are vulnerable in relation to Health, Education, Economic Status, Accommodation and Discrimination. (AITHS 2010)

Types of accommodation provision:

  • Permanent Sites
  • Temporary sites
  • Group housing
  • Local authority housing
  • Private rented accommodation

Project Staff:

Total Staff: 18

This includes;

Community Health Workers: 15 (12 hours each per week).

Co-ordinator: 1 F/T

2 CHW’s Resource workers: (12 hrs each per week)     

Wicklow Travellers’ Group (WTG) and Bray Travellers’ Community Development Group provide project management with financial and administration support provided by Wicklow Travellers’ Group.

Core PHC project actions

This is a summary of the core areas of County Wicklow Primary Health Care work plan, in the context of the key findings and main recommendations of the All Ireland Traveller Health Study 2010 and using the social determinants model of Primary Care.  The Community Health Workers provide an Outreach Service of Health promotion, Information and support to accessing Health and all other services in the Community in order;

1. To increase the life expectancy of Travellers

2. To promote children’s health and wellbeing and to respond to emergency outbreaks of infections

3. To improve utilisation by Traveller Families of Primary Care Services, including Health screening and prevention in relation to chronic diseases.

4. To improve Traveller Families access to Mental Health and Wellbeing services.

This includes education and Awareness in relation to Suicide, depression, domestic violence, drugs, Medication and substance misuse. It will also focus on knowledge and access to services and the establishment of family support groups locally.

5. To engage in health promotion with Traveller Men and support opportunities for men to engage in positive mental health and physical activities in Co Wicklow.

6. To facilitate Traveller Culture Awareness training with Service Providers and key stakeholders  in Co Wicklow in order to Promote equality and social inclusion

7. To promote Traveller inclusion and engagement with Primary Care Teams and Network in Co Wicklow This will involve the development of models of best practice, participation, partnership and collaboration with Primary Care Teams in relation to the findings of the AITHS.

Primary Health Care photo’s

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Charities Regulatory Authority number (CRA) 20033576

Directors: Isobel O’Duffy (Chairperson), Brendan Hyland (Assistant Chairperson), Máirín Kenny (Company Secretary), Aileen Cussen (Treasurer), Kathleen Snell (Assistant Treasurer), Kathleen Berry, Ian Daly, Mary O’Brien