Accommodation for Travellers remains an important issue that needs to be addressed. Apart from the provision of adequate and appropriate accommodation, there is in addition the issue of racism and discrimination that further complicates the task of addressing accommodation issues.

WTG works to improve accommodation outcomes for the Traveller community in Wicklow as a key area of importance. Proper accommodation improves the health, lifespan, quality of life and leads to better educational achievements and employment opportunities. WTG is committed to improving the accommodation situation of the Traveller community through its membership of the Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee and other interagency mechanisms. 

WTG seek the provision of culturally appropriate accommodation as a right. We also support individual Travellers and Traveller families with their interactions with the Local authority.

WTG will seek to advocate and support self – advocacy for families in crisis and document emerging issues as that impact on the community (e.g. Homelessness).

While some Traveller families want Traveller specific accommodation i.e. permanent halting sites or group housing, others want standard housing. Many are prepared to rent accommodation until such time as more permanent arrangements are made. In the recent past, Traveller families, who sought rented accommodation, have found it extremely difficult to find landlords who were willing to rent property to them.