WTG is committed to improving the health status of the Traveller community through the use of peer led (Traveller) primary health care staff. We have a team of health care workers who are in contact with Traveller families and raise awareness with them about attending for medical appointments, child immunisation, balanced diet, taking exercise, promoting good mental health and drug/alcohol abuse support. Our Primary Health Care project and our drug programmes are linked with national Traveller specific programmes.

The Primary Health Care Projects are supported by the Department of Health through the HSE locally throughout Ireland.  There are ten PHC Projects in the Mid Leinster Region which are supported by the Traveller Health Unit in each region.  There is an east regional Traveller Network of the PHC Project (ERTHN) which meets monthly and similarly a national network of the PHC Projects NTHN that meet regularly in Pavee Point. 

The HSE National Traveller Health Advisory Forum (NTHAF) was established in 2006 in response to the introduction of the HSE, operating as the governance body for Traveller health and the main link to NTHAC in the Department of Health and to the Traveller Health Units (THUs).