WTG seek to develop local initiatives which promote personal empowerment, positive actions & collective confidence/pride in Traveller identity & history. WTG works to promote the distinct culture, identity and heritage of the Traveller community in WTG’s local area.WTG works to promote the inclusion, respect and protection of the cultural identity of young Travellers across Youth, Arts and Sport service providers in Wicklow.

Wicklow Travellers Group also offers training and information sessions about diversity and Traveller culture to schools and other organisations. School groups are also welcome to visit the centre by arrangement.

As part of the visit it might be possible to visit our sister company Shuttle Knit Clg – a community enterprise, established in 2001, supported by the Government’s Social Inclusion Chapter of its National Plan. It is a business enterprise and partnership between Travellers and the settled community expressed in the spirit of their logo “knitting communities together”. Shuttle Knit Ltd aim is to create and design an innovative range of knitwear, as an indigenous Irish industry, for worldwide sale. It is housed in WTG building called CEART.