Behind the Veil –

As part of the  Global 16 Days Campaign  an event to highlight the elimination of gender based violence took place on Saturday 25th November in The Whale, Greystones.

Global 16 Days Campaign

Million Star Campaign

Anne Doonan our Traveller Woman Awareness Worker continued to raise awareness with traveller organisations, women’s, men’s and youth groups on issues like abusive relationships, consent and online abuse within relationships, Anne did this by running events such as coffee mornings. Anne also held the million star event.

The Million Star Campaign –

included getting everyone to Weave a star.

 One Million Stars Ireland project is an inclusive community arts project connecting communities across Ireland in solidarity against domestic abuse and all forms of violence.  

Each eight-point star woven represents light, hope and solidarity against violence, promoting our project’s eight points of healthy love within relationships.  

Stars are curated into our travelling ‘LOVE’ installation, spreading love and hope for a future free from violence and abuse for all in our community.